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I do not remember exactly when I got the source but I remember it was
through some link of wiki.contextgarden.net.

The reason I was asking for the source is because I do not get the errors that you mention with the latest svn version of the manual. Specifically,

svn checkout svn://ctx.pragma-ade.nl/manuals
cd manuals/context

texexec cont-en

gives me a working pdf file. There are two errors: the first

! Font \**test**:=texnansi-lbr at 60.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.

because I do not have lucida fonts, and the second

! Undefined control sequence.
l.3 ...espace \let\ShowTokenFont\relax \ShowTokens
                                                     Serif\end}  {}

which I did not investigate. In any case, pressing enter a couple of times lets me continue. The resulting pdf is not exactly same as the one on pragma's website, but you can compile the manual.

If you recall Aditya we
had a discussion regarding vim syntax highlighting. It is of that

Also, I have a fresh setup of context and I found that you t-vim.tex
has a line "source kpse:2context.vim" which I had to modify to "source

kpse:2context.vim used to work. I will check that again, and perhaps replace the kpse searching with a luatex function (Hans showed how to do that a while back).

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