Hello Aditya,

Thanks for help again. However, the result is far from OK.

[title=yes, text=Вправа, way=bysection, prefix=yes, width=broad]

I use enumeration within subsubsection, namely 1.3.1. If I put prefix=yes, the first exercise is That is, it is numbered within subsubsection, while I want to be only <SectionNumber>.<ExerciseNumber>, like 1.1, 1.2, etc.

I suspected that [way=bysection] key does the job but it does nothing in this case.

And another major issue is: why the text is put in the frame and is either a few centimenters wide (without width=broad) or goes out of the page (with width=broad)? I need just ordinary paragraph.

Please, try

\defineenumeration[exercise][title=yes, text=Вправа, way=bysection, width=broad]

\exercise{Розрахунок кривої, яка з'єднує три точки на площині}

The "Вправа" is putted twice, next time inside some strange brackets. The text gets out of the page.

Looks like a bug in mkiv. Hans, text need to be handled differently in descriptions and enumerations.

How to setup so that numeration will be done by subsection (1.1, 1.2, etc.)?


Thanks, Vyatcheslav
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