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>/ Hi,
/>/ />/ If you go to http://modules.contextgarden.net/bib, you get a message />/ that no bib module is avaliable. I suppose that you remove the page />/ because bib (will?) is integraded in ConTeXt release. But, can you />/ restore the link or at least put the documentation module avaliable />/ somewhere? The pdf documentation was very good for consulting options...
Assuming you are using the minimals, the file should be on your harddisk
as <texroot>/texmf-context/doc/context/bib/bibmod-doc.pdf

I was refering to restore bib documentation _in the web_
Before, it was good to consult in modules.contextgarden.net/bib all the 
prerequisites, and etc of bib module (as other modules)

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