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Does anyone use Notepad++ with the function "calltips" feature? Checking the context.xml definition file, there are calltips defined for \startitemize, but they never appear when I'm typing, even though the auto-completion works fine.

Trying a .cpp file gives calltips okay, so it seems to be something to do with
the Context implementation.

I did some experimenting with calltips about a year ago... it took me a while to figure it out though...

In context.xml I implemented only one:

                <KeyWord name="startitemize" func="yes">
                        <Overload retVal="" >
                                <Param name="[.1.] n a A KA r R KR m g G -number- 
each" />
                        <Overload retVal="" >
<Param name="[..,.2.,..] standard -n-*broad -n-*serried packed unpacked stopper joinedup atmargin inmargin autointro loose section intext"/>
                        <Overload retVal="" >
                                <Param name="margin = no standard -dimension-" 

It used to work, in my present Npp 5.5.1 it seems broken; even cpp calltips don't work -- although normal autocompletion works fine. Does this one calltip work for you? What version of Npp are you running?

In any case, it will be a major task to fill out all calltips for context.xml, unless there is a minimally structured source file for all context command options that can be sorted by text-processing [beyond my skill set].

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