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After some experiments, I think the problem is that Notepad++ is ignoring the case of the commands when searching for calltips. By re-sorting the list I was able to get calltips to work. However, with this new sorting the auto-complete no longer works! This is definitely one for the Notepad++ developers.

I experimented a bit and I think you are exactly right. If I comment out the commands that contain upper-case letters, the calltip mechanism works. If I resort just those commands, viz, move them to the bottom of the file, autocompletion does not work for the upper-case commands but it does work for all others.


in context.xml go to

<Environment ignoreCase="no" startFunc="[" stopFunc="]" /><br/>

change ignoreCase


resort according to ignorecase

I did this for one command and it works, let me try some more.

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