Change the name of the attached to end in .zip . I can confirm that the context calltips work for this version of context.xml in Npp 5.5.1.

OTOH, the ignoreCase=no used to work, and that is something that the Npp developers will hopefully take care of.

Richard, if you make additional calltips to context.xml, can you post your updates to the wiki? Maybe we can start a project to eventually add calltips to all commands. I have a few other ideas as well to make these calltips more useful, and to serve a certain book project ;-)

Best wishes

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On Fri, 20 Nov 2009 09:21:34 -0700, <richard.steph...@converteam.com> wrote:

After some experiments, I think the problem is that Notepad++ is ignoring the case of the commands when searching for calltips. By re-sorting the list I was able to get calltips to work. However, with this new sorting the auto-complete no longer works! This is definitely one for the Notepad++ developers.

I experimented a bit and I think you are exactly right. If I comment out the commands that contain upper-case letters, the calltip mechanism works. If I resort just those commands, viz, move them to the bottom of the file, autocompletion does not work for the upper-case commands but it does work for all others.


in context.xml go to

<Environment ignoreCase="no" startFunc="[" stopFunc="]" /><br/>

change ignoreCase


resort according to ignorecase

I did this for one command and it works, let me try some more.

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