On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 20:16, Oliver Buerschaper wrote:
>>> I know there used to be a TeX -> PS -> pstoedit -> MetaPost workflow. Does 
>>> this still work with MkIV?
>> If you manage to extend dvips to handle OpenType fonts then maybe ...
> So does this mean that outline fonts in MetaPost are currently dead with MkIV?

I just said that pstoedit workflow is not likely to work with OpenType
fonts, nothing else.

You can still use something like (copy-pasting Wolfgang's example
without testing):
    textext("{\blue\tfd Fun\llap{\red\property[outer]{\tfd Fun}}}")
or you can use non-OpenType font in MKIV to access the exact path of text.

But I'm really impressed about Taco's answer :)

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