I have another question.

The print shop wants the background image to be overprinted.  Is it
sufficiant to set »overprint=yes« once in \setupcolors or does one need
to explicitely tell the region with \startoverprint ... \stopoverprint?

A minimal example:

% \startminimalexample

\definelayer    [mybg]
                [x=0mm, y=0mm,
                width=\paperwidth, height=\paperheight,
\setlayer       [mybg]
                [hoffset=5cm, voffset=7cm]


Is this sufficiant for overprinting?

\dorecurse{4}{\input tufte\par}


Or does one need to explicitely tell context the region?

\dorecurse{4}{\input tufte\par}


Thanks again,

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