Hi all,

If the .bib file includes a article with Chinese title, I found the
article's length should be equal or less than 22 characters. Once the length
is over 22 characters, the compile process will hang.

The following is an example:

%% filename: test.tex, it depends on the AdobeSongStd-Light.otf font.









%% filename: ref.bib

  title     = {〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二},
  author    = {一二三},
  publisher = {四五六},
  year      = {2000},

After compiling the above test.tex, I can get the following test.bbl file:



If I modify the ref.bib file, for example I add one Chinese character in the
"title" field:

%% filename: ref.bib

  title     = {〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二三},
  author    = {一二三},
  publisher = {四五六},
  year      = {2000},

When I compile the test.tex again, the compiling process stops here:

publications    : loading database from test.bbl
! String contains an invalid utf-8 sequence.
l.8 ...�九〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二

I'm sure that all texts in my files are encoded with utf-8.

Best regards,

Li Yanrui
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