Yanrui Li wrote:
> Hi all,
> If the .bib file includes a article with Chinese title, I found the
> article's length should be equal or less than 22 characters. Once the
> length is over 22 characters, the compile process will hang.

> %% filename: ref.bib
> @book{测试,
>   title     = {〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二},

Bibtex is stupid enough to attempt to break this title over two
lines in its output, and it does so based on *bytes*, not characters.
The result is a linebreak in the middle of an utf sequence, which
is invalid. Please try this:

   title     = {{〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二}},

and if that doesn't work (but it should), maybe this will:

   title     = {〇一二三四五六七八九〇一二%

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