I see,

and for the single case it works. Also saving is fine, I am using it. Unfortunately, my example was too reduced :-). In fact, I have a problem with more complex documents, for example, think about:

<caption>Some <inline what="something"> caption</caption>

Now, if I want not to only typeset a caption, but also to store it and reuse it later (typeset it twice, e.g. in the marging or elsewhere in the page, ...), it fails (on \processaction, \doif, ...).

So, if I understand, there is a way to modify my XML template to be safe during expanding -- I would use self unexpandable macros). Another way is problematic, as \edef inside \edef causes problems? Is it true or there is some other way?

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Dne 1.6.2010 0:10, Hans Hagen napsal(a):
On 29-5-2010 12:01, Martin Kolařík wrote:

I do not know, if it is a bug or a feature :-); but notwithstanding the
fact, similar code I used in MkII worked very well.

effectively you as for:

\edef\content{\processaction[x][something=>A thing, nothing=>Hic sunt leones]}

and that will not work; ok, we could make processaction unexpandable but i'm sure that you want something different

you can save the content this way:


and do this later on:



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