Yury G. Kudryashov (2010-06-06 11:55):
> Hi!
> How can I typeset Russian in Mark IV? None of the examples from wiki work. I 
> found "TeXGyre and (no) Cyrillic" thread, but there are no instructions, 
> just "Cyrillic doesn't work with TeXGyre anymore".

Just install some fonts with Cyrillic glyphs to your system and use them.
For example, this is how I (minimally) used CMU Serif [1]:

\definetypeface[cyr][rm][Xserif][CMU Serif]
\definetypeface[cyr][ss][Xsans][CMU Sans Serif]
\definetypeface[cyr][tt][Xmono][CMU Typewriter Text Variable Width]
\setupbodyfont[cyr, 12pt]

[1] http://cm-unicode.sourceforge.net/

--  Rogutės Sparnuotos
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