Michael Murphy <> wrote on Thursday, June 03, 2010 6:52 PM:

> Please send me bug reports / feature requests if you use it!

Thank you for this script. I'm sure I'll have good use of it!

I just did a quick test with Myriad Pro, and it works nicely.

Some minor suggestions for usability:

1. If there is no 'typescripts' directory, the typescript and test-file should
be created just in the same directory as the oftsmkr file (so it's easier to
use it anywhere outside the texmf-tree).

2. In the test-file, I had to replace '\start' and '\stop' with '\starttext'
and '\stoptext' (otherwise it doesn't work on my sytem). 

3. The line '\usetypescriptfile [<nameofthetypescriptfile>]' should be
included in the test-file. So the test-file will use the typescript file if it
is in the same directory as the test-file.

4. All the '\definefontalternative' definitions which you print in the
terminal output could be included in the test-file. So the test-file would
work out-of-the-box. 

Thanks for sharing your script!

Best wishes


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