On 12-7-2010 6:01, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
2010/7/12 Hans Hagen<pra...@wxs.nl>:
On 11-7-2010 11:46, Vedran Miletić wrote:

Here is a better patch, with new strings translated and v!appendix
commented as in lang-ger.tex.

I could also add support for Serbian latin, but I have no idea how to
add new language that will allow both latin and cyrilic.

we need to define what that means then ... as i can imagine only combining
multiple languages with respect to hyphenation

In case of Serbian it's in fact about dealing with two completely
"different languages" in terms of TeX. Latin script and Cyrillic
script require different patterns, different font encodings and
different labels.

The \mainlanguage[serbian][script=latin] and [script=cyrillic] would
only be "a more elegant/proper" way as opposed to
\mainlanguage[serbian-latn] and \mainlanguage[serbian-cyrl] (or
serbian-latin or serbianl or sr-latn or ...). In reality the two
should be two different languages, the second parameter would only be
a more elegant way, like for German. Polyglossia has
[german][spelling=old/new] (or something similar).

so that would eventually expand to


the danger of that approach is that we end up with as many keys as languages because most are only used (ok, they are probably then also misused) for one case (and no one knows what's used for what then)

in mkiv i'd like to follow another route also because we might want to bring more typographical issues in the game

for instance, although not yet interfaced there is a difference between


that takes care of labels but we migth need something country related for dates, maybe


and for patterns we can just use


when setting up a specific language we then choose a preset i.e. a combination of settings and serbian-latin is quite ok then

this all is something i'm working on and is also influenced by discussions in the oriental tex team

If you simply choose two names for language (for example sr-latn and
sr-cyrl), it should be straightforward to add both languages to MKII
as well.

in mkii one can mix font encodings and multiple font encodings can be set up per language; so, it should be possible to define a language with two encodings and then when a font switch takes place the right ones will be chosen. But anyhow, mkii will not be extended and certainly not in areas were there was never any demand.


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