On 17-11-2010 1:59, Martin Schröder wrote:
2010/11/17, Hans Hagen<pra...@wxs.nl>:
On 16-11-2010 9:41, Peter Münster wrote:
Layers or overlays are certainly the right method. But there is also the
\position macro:

So that is still used? (If so, I should look into optimizing and cleanup
as it's real old code).

Seems like a feature that's nice to have; it mirrors the texpos
package for LaTeX. Please update it.

It does not really mirrors something (so it's not something users expect to be there I guess) ... if I remember right I made it for putting hyperlinks on specific places as I didn't want to use pictex for that. We have layers that provide a better mechanism.

Anyway, it's not that much code so it can stick around (I even see a dutch comment so it's real ancient).


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