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I had the same problem a few months back (the bibliography includes all references not only the ones I have cited in my document)

I still have this problem. I think Thomas Schmitz is going to fix this. Any ideas on when this is going to be fixed? Can I request that this be fixed soon as it is important for writing papers that need to
be circulated to others.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Bharat and all,

1. No, that's not right. I simply collected outstanding issues, I can't fix them.

2. Hans is working on bib issues as we speak, but he has only so much time, so no ETA.

3. For the problem described above, try


Bib support is an extremely complex area, so be aware that we're still experimenting and things are moving. Having as many testers as possible with many different requirements helps a lot finding and identifying errors.


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