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On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 09:00, Stefan Müller<warrence....@gmx.de>  wrote:
I put the "rsfs" directory with its subdirs from the .zip to the folder
c:\context\tex\texmf-fonts\fonts\data\ as Wolfgang suggested [4] and ran
"context --generate". I seems as if this did not install the font, but I
have no idea. How can I check this?

For mkiv minimals, the following should work:
a) Install font as appropriate for your OS.

I'm using Windows Vista 64bit and installed the rsfs font by right-clicking the .pfm files. I thought I had to use the .pfb files, but Windows did not recognize those and didn't show "Install" in the context menu. After installing the .pfm files I could find them in "C:\Windows\Fonts".

b) Make sure OS font directory containing font pfb file is included in OSFONTDIR

Is this a typo and do you mean .pfm file? Otherwise I don't get it. Should I just copy the .pfb files to "C:\Windows\Fonts", too? Did something went wrong with installation?

When running "mtxrun --script fonts --reload"

c) Update LuaTeX's font info by running   mtxrun --script fonts --reload

there were the lines

fonts           | names | identifying system font files with suffix otf
fonts           | names | adding path from OSFONTDIR: c:/windows/fonts
fonts           | names | adding path from fontconfig file: c:/windows/fonts

in the output, so I guess OSFONTDIR is correct (where would I change it, anyway?) as "c:/windows/fonts" is considered. Here mtxrun tries to identify fonts with a number of "suffixes". It only consideres otf, ttf, ttc, dfont and afm (and caps versions). Shouldn't there be pfm or pfb as well?

d) Check the list of fonts using   mtxrun --script fonts --list --all

I tried this and got a lot of fonts (around 900) printed to screen, however "rsfs" was not present in this list.

What did I wrong? Thank you very much for your patience!

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At that point you have the font known to LuaTeX. Then you need to set
it up in your document; I posted a full example of that a while back,
it's at http://pastebin.tlhiv.org/9GeRRcI4
but I haven't put it into the wiki yet.

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