2011/3/21 Cecil Westerhof <cldwester...@gmail.com>

> 2011/3/20 Philipp A. <flying-sh...@web.de>
>> On modern Linux distributions, there is support for the ellipsis (…) on
>> the keyboard layout; The combination is [AltGr+.]
> Not all. In openSUSE that is not the case. I made it for myself. I have a
> file
>     /SharedFunctions/Xmodmap.extra
> which I use with:
>     xmodmap /SharedFunctions/Xmodmap.extra
> In this I have now:
>     keysym period    = period       greater     ellipsis
> That does the trick.
> If you are interested in the complete file: I have it attached.
> --
> Cecil Westerhof

oh, i guess you’d like to file a bug request for this. it’s quite useful and
has no drawbacks at all.
i think one of the greatest reasons why linux isn’t adapted as desktop os is
that you can’t just say sth. like i did and assume it it right for everyone.
(missing OEM installs are the biggest reason, though)

but i don’t want to discuss this here ;)
it’s great to have both a reasonable keyboard layout and a text processor
which can understand the symbols. i hope one day i’ll get to print my own
keyboard with math symbols all over. it would greatly improve the
readability of context files when they contain unicode math stuff like
∫₀³ xⁿφ₁₂(x) \, ⅆx \stopformula
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