On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 19:40, Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl> wrote:
> I uploaded a new beta. Apart from some fixes the core font/type modules have
> been cleaned up so there might be temporary font side effects.

Looks like \showsetups got broken...

! Undefined control sequence.

system          > tex > error on line 6 in file fico_booklet.tex:
Undefined control sequence ...

 2     \setuppapersize[A5][A4,landscape] %write on A5, put two onto A4 sheet
 3     % \setuparranging[2UP,rotated,doublesided]  %booklet arranging
 4     \setuparranging[2UP]  %booklet arranging
 6 >>  \showsetups
 8     \setuplayout
 9       [backspace=0pt,
10         topspace=0pt,
11            width=middle,
12           height=middle,
13         location=middle,
14           header=0pt,
15           footer=0pt]
16     \setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided]

\font_helpers_low_level_define ...mexpr \textface
                                                  \relax \else \d_font_scale...
\font_basics_define_font_without_parameters ...ic
                                                  \csname \v_font_identifier...
\font_basics_defined_font_yes ...edefinedfont}{#1}
                                                  \thedefinedfont \the \ever...
<argument> ...artreadingfile \startnointerference
                                                  \cleanupfeatures \readfile...
\firstofoneargument #1->#1

\dofetchruntimecommand ...\doglobal \setflag {#2}}
                                                  \ifx #1\undefined \writest...
l.6 \showsetups

>Process failed to respond; forcing abrupt termination...
>Exit code: 1

I double-checked with a file that definitely compiled today: as soon
as I uncomment \showsetups in the setup area (=beg of file), it

I don't use it often, but I'm pretty sure it worked in the Dec 23
version and it doesn't on the ConTeXt I installed this morning.
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