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On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Hans Hagen wrote:
On 10-5-2012 02:25, Mojca Miklavec wrote:


I'm just wonderding if there is a way to switch to an OpenType Math
font (referred to by name or filename, without any predefined
typescript) with some stylistic alternative in the middle of the
document, like in the LaTeX example:

Sure, when Khaled added alternates to xits we also added support for it to


But this requires a whole typescript. So there is no way to say

Why? It's a dynamic feature. It's just that we use nicer names than ss01 and such.

something equivalent to
     \font\a=Asana-Math.otf \a
without the need to create a lfg file&  so on?

I'm not sure what you mean here. You can use \font directly but it has no benefits as it's not part of a proper math setup then.

Anyway, your example with Asana broke a compilation, so at least I was
able to realize that I was missing the otf font, whereas yesterday it
was simply ignoring the fact that the font was missing and has typeset
everything in TeX Gyre I think.

I never used Asana.



And how do I know what is an equivalent of StylisticSet=4 in Lucida?

Well, that's just ss04 but referring to a stylistic set at the user level is a bad idea as that's not standardized

Would this be something like
     italic = { feature = 'ss01', value = 1, comment = "Mathematical
Alternative Italic" },


where \mathalternate{italic} works as +ss01, but the ss04 not because
it has not been defined in lucida-opentype-math.lfg?

Indeed, although of course I could make it honor the fuzzy ss01 etc variants too but no one can guarantee that these ss's always stay the same. In principle we can even define commands automatically if needed but then switching to a different font setup in a document can result in unknown commands. After all, there can be 10 different alternate scripts in one font and zero in another.

    $\cal ABC$
    $\mathalternate{cal}\cal ABC$
    $\mathaltcal ABC$


Once the dust around math fonts has settled we might end up with some standardization in mkiv with respect to the tags used in the lfg files.


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