the majority of binaries in ConTeXt distribution have been updated
from TeX Live 2012 now (missing are only linux-64, linux-ppc by Thomas
S., and possibly some from windows).

(Builders might want to be careful a bit, I'm afraid that simply
running the script would downgrade luatex because I increased the
version in binaries, while sources are still at 0.70.1, so please
don't try to build anything, except for Thomas who might want to test
building the TL ;)

Mac OS X Tiger is not supported any more. If there are any objections,
you can help me figure out why building fails, else we are done with
10.4 forever. (We got 8 visitors of 10.4 on website
[minimals.contextgarden.net] since January this year. I have no way to
check if any tiger user actually uses the minimals or not. We still
have an impressive number of PowerPC users.)

In the morning you should also see an update of ConTeXt in TeX Live
2012, matching the latest beta from yesterday. Please post feedback or
any issues that you might experience.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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