Hey Hans, Wolfgang, et al,

The nightly for 2012.07.10 appears to be broken. When attempting to
compile my book, I get the following.

! Argument of \PlaceSection has an extra }.
<inserted text> 
<to be read again> 
\strc_rendering_inject_text ...ameter \c!command }
                                                  \ifx \p_command \empty
\strc_rendering_place_head_text ...ng_inject_text 
\strc_sectioning_handle ...dering_place_head_text 

l.8     \title{Contents at a Glance}
? You want to edit file Makeup/Table_of_Contents.tex at line 8


This is just a piece of advice from one programmer to another, but it
might be useful if you use some kind of unit testing framework with
ConTeXt since most of the nightlies it seems are usually broken for
somebody. You just need some test cases, e.g. people's documents that
draw on as many features as possible.

Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
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