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Am 14.09.2012 um 00:36 schrieb Aditya Mahajan <adit...@umich.edu>:

I have been able to isolate the bug to the update on 2012.07.09; specifically 
to this commit.


If I replace the current version of strc-num.mkiv with the version from 

then the numbering is correct.

However, I cannot figure out what is causing the bug in that change.

Part of the problem is this code block:

\def\strc_counters_check_setup#1% does it have to happen here?
 {% this can be done at the lua end / a bit messy here ... todo ...
       \doifelsevalue   {\??counter#1\c!number}{#1} 
    % it's a clone

ConTeXt uses \p_start to store the current value of the start parameter.
When you set now a value for start in \setuppagenumber the value is kept
in \p_start (because there are no groups). When you start now the itemize
environment the same code is loaded and the start parameter (which hasn’t
been set yet) expands to a very stupid default value which is by another
helper function.

\def\strc_counter_setup_using_parameter#1#2% name \someparameter
    [              \c!start=\ifx\p_start\empty0\else\number\p_start\fi,

As you can see here the start parameter expands to \p_start when it isn’t empty
what is the case here and because of this you get a wrong value for the item 

Thanks for the diagnosis. What will be a good way to fix this? I think that


should work (but I haven't tested it yet).

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