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As Aditya mentioned in a former posting (*) that "\text{ ... }" should scale properly when used as super- or subscript, I have prepared a minimal example to demonstrate that it doesn't. In my document I have switched from "\text{ }" to "\normal", which works.

There is another bug with \text.

{\switchtobodyfont[sans] $\text{sans}$}

does not switch to sans font. Both the incorrect scaling and wrong font switch can be corrected by restoring the old definition of \text in math-ini.mkiv. Based on the comments in that file, this will come at a high penalty on speed. (Slow but correct is better than fast but wrong!)

\def\math_text_choice_indeed#1#2#3% no \everymath !
  {\hbox{\everymath{#1}\switchtobodyfont  [#2]#3}} % 15 sec
 %{\hbox{\everymath{#1}\setcurrentfontbody{#2}#3}} %  3 sec (no math)


%% Example

$f_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}}}}$

{\switchtobodyfont[sans] $f_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}_{\text{text $a+b$}}}}$}

$f_{{\normal text}_{{\normal text}_{\normal text}}}$


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