Dear Michael and Otared,

After updating ConTeXt to the latest version(2013.01.02.) and run the sample 

> \starttext
> $\hbar$
> \stoptext

But I also got empty page.

If I add either \setupbodyfont[xits] or \enablemode[lmmath], \hbar appeared.

I also use Mac OSX mountain lion 64bit, luatex beta 0.74.

In the log file, I found the message "Missing character:…"

fonts > typescripts > unknown: library 'loc'
Missing character: There is no ħ (U+0127) in font texgyretermesmath-regular!
backend > xmp > using file 

I think that Otared doesn't have this kind of message.

Do you have any idea to fix this?

Thank you.

Best regards,

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