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> On 3/29/2013 4:29 PM, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> >I just read that in the manual:
> >
> >   Note that at the moment, each access to the font.fonts or call
> >   to font.getfont creates a lua table for the whole font. This
> >   process can be quite slow. In a later version of LuaTEX, this
> >   interface will change (it will start using userdata objects
> >   instead of actual tables).
> even then it's of not much use for context as we have more data and
> keep that data at the lua end so font.getfont has no benefits then

For my purpose the benefit is that I can access some info about
the font with the same code in all three formats.

> >Compared to Plain, Context adds a lot to the “.parameters” table.
> >Sadly, writing to it doesn’t appear to change anything …
> well, why would you .. the font is already passed to tex and you
> cannot change that frozen state (imagine: what would a change in
> width of a char mean halfway? it woul dnot work well with the
> backend) ... what would you like to change?

That wasn’t 100% serious. Just me experimenting.


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