I recently learned that ConTeXt-mkiv and LuaTeX now support devanagari fonts. 
An enormous thank you to Kai and Hans and anyone else involved in making that 
happen. I know it's a niche application, but for some of us it makes all the 

I ran some tests on the output and the rendering is lovely, even on the 
extremely complex ligatures. I noticed only two errors, both of which are 
simple to describe and consistent:

1) Conjuncts of the form (consonant + virama + र "ra") render the opposite 
sequence intended. For example:
[U+0915] [U+094D][U+0930] (क्र "kra") incorrectly produces the glyph intended 
for [U+0930][U+094D][U+0915] (र्क "rka").

2) Word-final virama causes words to render with a half-consonant at the end. 
They should instead display the whole-consonant with the virama diacritic. 
Half-consonants should be used only when conjoining with another subsequent 
consonant in the same word.

A picture, in case it's more helpful: http://i.imgur.com/MpIwd9w.png

I tried to look at the code in hopes of offering a fix, but I'm afraid it was 
way over my head. If there's anything else I can do to help, I'd be happy for 
the opportunity.

Best regards,
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