On 9/10/2013 6:43 AM, Peter Graif wrote:

Can you make a as-small-as-possible test file?

Preferable with proper utf-8 sequences (+ comment mentioning numbers/classes), 
good and wrong.

I can probably figure it out but I cannot read or input easily this kind of 


Sure thing. I don't understand how opentype features are represented nor how 
the ligature logic is dividd up between the font and the engine, so I'm not 
quite sure what information is helpful or relevant. But, here's a minimal 
document that contains all the problem sequences I've identified.

As a rough guide, here's another image with the current ConTeXt rendering in 
black and the desired rendering in red:

Is that the information you need? Or is there something else I can do?

it's ok

it took me quite a while to notice that it's a side effect of two features that are turned on

you can play with




maybe Kai can have a look at it: as these are dealt with in a different we probably don't need to enable them in the feature processor (even block them)

btw, you can play with

\showotfcomposition{file:chandas.ttf*devanagari-one}{l2r}{\char"0915 \char"094D \char"0930}

to see what happens

(i also noticed a few possible further optimizations but that's for later)


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