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The following document shows the wrong behaviour (the second parentheses
is mirrored incorrectly and it should be after the number not before the

Assuming "test" is an RTL word when I write (test 1363) I expect to get
exactly that but somehow I get (test (1363

new beta ... also with fix for issue khaled mentioned



\definefont[arabicfont][Arial*arabic at 20pt]


\setupdirections[bidi=global,method=default] \arabicfont این (یک آزمایش 1363) است. \par \setupdirections[bidi=global,method=one] \arabicfont این (یک آزمایش 1363) است. \par \setupdirections[bidi=global,method=two] \arabicfont این (یک آزمایش 1363) است. \par


One related question: is it possible to change font automatically when
luatex sees a LTR word?

no, but you can define start\stop commands that deal with such switches

also, you can combine fonts (and there a yet not documented auto script/language switcher .. i have no time now to explain that one)

btw, never use \textdir and \pardir directly (i might even define them as no-ops some day) but use the higher level alignment commands


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