On Sun, Oct 13, 2013 at 11:30 AM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
> Am 13.10.2013 um 06:09 schrieb Ciro A. Soto:
>> sorry, I just saw an old chain of messages about this question... I fixed it 
>> with the translation module.
>> \usemodule[translate]
>> \translateinput[``][“]
>> \enableinputtranslation
> Better use real quotation marks “ and ” or \quotation{…}.

Or \quotedblleft, \quotedblright, \quotedblbase, <no name for 201F>.
For the flowing text these are a bit too long to use and remember for
my taste though.

LaTeX sometimes uses \grqq & \glqq which are a whole lot shorter, but
also not the easiest one to remember (or at least I don't understand
the pattern).

There could be something like \quotationleft/\quotationright &
\quoteleft/\quoteright for a single language-dependent single & double
quotation marks. And maybe another language-independent version which
would always generate the desired character (if looking for
hard-to-remember shortcuts, l/u - lower/upper; g/b/p -
9-like/6-like/reversed 9-like shape, q/qq - single/double quotation
mark; so 201C “ - \qqub [or \ubqq], 201D ” - \qqug; 201E „ - \qqlg;
201F ‟ - \qqup). Personally I never use them unpaired other than in
obscure situations (like listing all characters), so I like \quotation
and \quote a lot more than the TeX approach which taught almost
everyone here to use the wrong quotation marks. And consequently I
also don't miss any of these commands.

MS Word at least does the proper auto-replacement if the right
language is used, but in TeX most people here just cloned Knuth's
approach without giving a single thought to the local grammar & its

@John: you can always create your own feature file to do the
replacement and load it.

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