Hi Ondra,

thanks for your help.

Apparently, replacing a number enclosed in ornate parentheses (U+FD3E
and U+FD3F) with a number in the "end of ayah" ornament is a specialty
of the UthmanicHafs font. If I input the digit (e.g. U+0662) and then
the special non-printable "end of ayah" character (U+06DD), ConTeXt
and Amiri successfully output the digit inside the ornament.

Hmm, ok. But if it is a speciality of UthmanicHafs, why CorelDraw understands it natively?

Of course, since U+06DD is a non-printable character, it might be a
pain to work with in a text editor; you might want to define a custom
command for this purpose:


Thanks, that works fine:

\definefont[arabicamiri][file:amiri-regular.ttf*arabic at 15pt]
\definefont[arabicuth][file:UthmanicHafs1Ver09.ttf*arabic at 17pt]
\arabicuth لأَفَبِهَـٰذَا ٱلْحَدِيثِ أَنتُم مُّدْهِنُونَ ﴿٨١﴾\eoa

But now another question arises: How to input this command into my unicode of quran automatically? (I am using notepad++). Not the best way to do this manually for all 286 Ayas (and then search and replace for all ayas of all suras).

And still: There must be some tricks in CorelDraw handling fonts, which would be great to have in ConText :)

Thank you!

PS: Sorry for these annoyong thread-breaking all the time - I really do not know, what I make wrong here. I am using Thunderbird. If anybody knows how to use thunderbird for email lists correctly, I would be thankful.

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