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> The files like tfm, afm, pfb,... seem to be found alright by "mtxrun
> --script fonts --reload" when they are in the ${HOME}/texmf/fonts/
> tree, so I think I can leave them there.

Yes but the tfm and vf files are only needed for the math fonts.

> So I should make a sort of copy of "mdugm-math.lgf" and call it
> "kpfonts-math.lgf", and put it in
> ${HOME}/context/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/fonts/.
> [Do the same with a copy of "type-imp-mathdesign.mkiv", which
> contains: "\loadfontgoodies[mdugm-math]".] Or rather put a typescript
> in my document file as explained here:
>, and insert some
> "\loadfontgoodies[kpfonts-math]" in it.
> Execute: "context --make en". And that should be it.

You can also put the goodies files and the typescript file in the same
folder as your test files which makes it easier to test them and to make
changes. When you’re finished you can let us take a look at them
and Hans can add them to the core.

> What is the "\s!" syntax for, as in "\s!Serif“?

Commands starting with \s! are used for language independent strings
to save memory, e.g. “\s!Serif” is for TeX only a single token while “Serif”
are 5 tokens. There exist more prefixes (e.g. \c! and \v!) but they are
only important for developers.

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