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> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:48 PM, Wolfgang Schuster
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>> You can also put the goodies files and the typescript file in the same
>> folder as your test files which makes it easier to test them and to make
>> changes. When you’re finished you can let us take a look at them
>> and Hans can add them to the core.
> Two files: kpfonts-math.lfg and testfile004.tex.
> It works rather well with the formulas of that file:
> https://github.com/khaledhosny/euler-otf/blob/master/tests/test.tex.
> Main issue: $\bf \Gamma$ produces "medium" \Gamma, though:
> ["kpfonts-bf"] = {...
>             { name = "jkpbmia",  vector = "tex-mr", skewchar=0x7F },
> should make it bold.
> Why is this vector never selected?
> Other issue: Two consecutive \Gamma, are overlapping a lot.
> In case I add a vector for a script font which is in jkpsyd.pfb. What
> font switch would be used to select this vector (vector="tex-md")?
> Chris

I tried the example of "Problem to install Garamond font with mathdesign".
It for me, save I encounter exactly the same problems as those I've
described for KPfonts, using, in fact, "mathdesign" as template.

(Note: it's pure ConTEXt-standalone: I do not have these fonts in my
TeX-Live tree. Though I do have these fonts, installed manually, from
ctan, in my local "${HOME}/texmf/fonts/" tree.)

% file: test.tex







(Gammas are squeezed together and \bf is ineffective, which is not so
with modern).

If the assumption that "mdugmr7m.tfm" contains the metrics for
"md-gmm7m.pfb" is correct, then fontforge show it (mdugmr7m), contains
bold characters, which then should show.

Again, I might be misunderstanding.


>> Wolfgang
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