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> On 7/11/2014 7:06 PM, Meer, H. van der wrote:
> > I have some plaintex code to run from the ConTeXt beta-distribution, 
> > because I didn't install the complete TeXp-distribution (and if possible 
> > prefer to keep it that way).
> >
> > I did not fare well with running "texexec --make plain" and "mtxrun 
> > --script plain myfile.tex"
> > The first command does not give a sign of dumping the plain format 
> > somewhere, the second command complains "I can't find the format file 
> > luatex-plain.fmt"
> >
> > It looks if I am on the wrong track for using luatex with plain. Will 
> > someone please be so kind to turn me in the right direction?
> mtxrun --script plain --make

While you’re at it, could you please report back whether this
succeeds immediately or bombs out like so:

    Preloading the plain format: codes, registers, parameters, fonts, more 
    ! Font \preloaded=manfnt not loadable: metric data not found or bad.
    <to be read again> 


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