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> I can’t figure out how to change the chapter heading. More important: 
> I have no idea where to find the needed information. What I want to see 
> is for example:
> Kapitel: Blablabla

Several unnumbered structures are predefined.

    \setuphead [subject] [before=Kapitel~]
      \startsubject [title=foo] \input knuth \stopsubject

If you wish for the styles of the label and the title to match,
you’ll have to assign them manually:

    \definealternativestyle [subjectstyle] [\italic \tfd]

    \setuphead [subject] [
      before=\bgroup \subjectstyle Kapitel~\egroup,
      \startsubject [title=foo] \input knuth \stopsubject

The reason as to why this isn’t as easy as

    \setuplabeltext [chapter=Kapitel]
    \setuphead [chapter] [number=no]

is that the section label is treated as part of the number.
Consequently, Context exposes no option to typeset the label
independently. However, it can be made work by passing an
appropriate command that omits the number:

    \setuplabeltext [chapter=Kapitel]
    \setuphead [chapter] [deepnumbercommand=\gobbleoneargument]

      \startchapter [title=foo] \input knuth \stopchapter

> Where can I find these informations?

In the manual [0]. The \title and \subject structurals even made the
second place on the “top ten” ladder of important commands
(cf. section 1.10). The numberless versions also feature
promintently on the wiki [1].

PS  Next time you ask a new question, please open a new thread
    with an adequate subject to keep the list tidy.

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[0] http://wiki.contextgarden.net/ConTeXt_reference_manual
[1] http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Titles#Default

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