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I can be done automatically for example by using this module:

Thank you, it looks interesting. Is there a documentation somewhere or could
you provide an example about how to use it ?


Here an example: http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Catalogue_raisonné

Also, it changes the resolution only at inclusion into the pdf or it does it
on original files ? My concern is to give the sources in attachment of the
document, so if I don't change those files, the document will still be huge.

The downscaled images are kept on disk in the "cache" sub-directory.

There is a way to include the source without duplicates images ?


There is also an old module t-degrade.tex but I don't know, if it still
works with recent ConTeXt versions.

so you have several options:

- using build in
- using specific modules

built in boils down to something


figures.converters["png"] = {
    ["lowres.png"] = function(oldname,newname,resolution)
os.execute(string.format('gm convert -depth 1 "%s" "%s"',oldname,newname))

-- figures.suffixes["lowres.png"] = figures.suffixes.png -- suffix is automatically done



in nearly all our projects we get images that need to be converted (color -> bw, downsampling, removing crap from pdf, etc) but in most cases we also convert to pdf then because that is normally the fastest way to include an image (which is why one can also define a prefix and cache)

what method you choose depends on how much control you want (it's hard to predict demands) ... btw, many of these build-in mechanism are derived from mkii methods, where we also had resource manipulators and so (we still have figure databases btw)


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