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> I'm sure we can cook up something. Personally I'd like to get away from this 
> 'von' and 'junior' thing and use better names, like
> initials (by default taken from firstnames)
> firstnames
> prefixes (unless specificed, taken from surnames)
> surnames
> postfixes (unless specified, taken from surnames)
> we can think of a sort keys as well, so maybe:
> author = {[sortkey] firstnames, prefixes, surnames, postfixes}
> or
> author = {sortkey:: firstnames, prefixes, surnames, postfixes}
> (we can have an exporter that exports to a regular dumb bib file for other 
> usage)

I would think something more dynamic would be better!

Something like a possible filter field for parsing the author information, so 
that writers
can the set-up the sort field and von fields!
If it is not designated for an entry the default filter is used. 

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