Meer, Hans van der <>
10. Oktober 2016 um 18:07
Put at front of the test document


(1) \showmathcharacterssetbodyfonts{modern}
No output
The command set the fonts which are shown in the document but you still need the \showmathfontrepertoire command to generate the pages.
(2) \showmathfontcharacters[alternative=,option=,modern]}
Breaking off after page 2067 with a TeX error "Too many }'s"?
1. You’re mixing keywords and assignments.

2. You have a extra } after \showmathfontcharacters.
(3) \showmathfontrepertoire
2067 pages output, one character a page

So about (1) and (2) I do not understand what happens.
If there are still problems send complete examples.

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