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Put at front of the test document

Already did this.

(1) \showmathcharacterssetbodyfonts{modern}
No output
The command set the fonts which are shown in the document but you still need 
the \showmathfontrepertoire command to generate the pages.

Then I do not understand its use. Because with or without this command the 
glyphs of the bodyfont are produced by \showmathfontrepertoire.

By the way, most glyphs have a yellow background, but some a green one. What 
does this signify?

(2) \showmathfontcharacters[alternative=,option=,modern]}
Breaking off after page 2067 with a TeX error "Too many }'s"?
1. You’re mixing keywords and assignments.
My mistake. However after correction it looks as if


does exactly the same as


Because instead of "modern" the first page has the title "schola".
The command \showmathfontcharacters is defined in s-math-characters.mkiv but you
don’t load the module in your example.

The command \showmathfontrepertoire is defined s-math-repertoire.mkiv which loads the characters module, the \showmathfontrepertoire command passes its arguments to \showmathfontcharacters and the difference between both modules is the output.

You can check both modules for all differences and make a list.

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