On 04/08/2017 07:01 PM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
> Am 2017-04-05 um 20:42 schrieb Pablo Rodriguez:
>> doesn’t \setupmargindata[inmargin][location=right] do the trick?
> No, but \setupmargindata[inmargin][location=outer]

Hi Hraban,

since your layout had left margin width set to zero, I recommended

Glad to read it helped.

> The notes collide with my moved "foot"notes, but I wasn’t planning to
> use both anyway.

Even if there were no collision, I guess that using the same margin for
both notes would be misleading.

>> But I guess that this may be implemented (if Hans agrees) with
>> \setupnote[location=margin].
> That would be very nice.

I guess Hans won’t be able to take a look until ConTeXt and LuaTeX are
released for TeX Live 2017.

> I guess the stacking mechanism from \inmargin could be reused, so 
> that the notes start at the same height as the footnote marker, if
> there is enough space.
> I don’t understand the code – is this in page-one.mkiv?

Which code? The file you mention is all Greek to me.

> Or should I try to use marginblocks (page-mbk.mvi) or margindata
> (typo-mar.mkiv)?

I don’t know, but both mechanisms aren’t able to split content between

    \dorecurse{5}{\input zapf
        \startmarginblock\input knuth\stopmarginblock}

Just in case it helps,

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