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i.e. (poor mans) multiline display math

Interesting. An important reference for automatic breaking of multiline display are the notes of Michael J Downes included in the documentation of breqn: see section 14 (page 16) of http://ctan.math.washington.edu/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/breqn/breqn.pdf

I remember a talk by giuseppe about nath (or so) that did something nice but anyway, the main question with that kind of trickery is if one is willing to add structure info or not .. anything semi-clever will be limited.

(Ignore the implementation details, which were a series of hacks to make things work in pdftex, but section 14 explains the different display math layouts and a strategy to choose between them. It will be really nice to have something comparable in ConTeXt.
You mean these boxed lines? I'm not a math expert so the subtle details are lost to me. I'd rather start from reasonable demands (after all very complex stuff often is best done manually anyway).

For instance

foo = bar + bar + bar
      gnu + gnu

is doable without much trouble if one is willing to enter

foo = \alignhere bar + bar + bar
      gnu + gnu

and such.

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