On 6/19/2017 12:56 AM, Henri Menke wrote:

Let me quote the TeXbook (page 195):

»Although formulas within a paragraph always break after binary operations and 
relations, displayed
formulas always break before binary operations and relations.«

given that one uses alignments

On the other hand, right above this paragraph, it says:

»It's quite an art to decide how to break long displayed formulas into several 
lines; TeX never
attempts to break them, because no set of rules is really adequate.«

right, so we're stuck .. anyhow, some future mkiv beta / luatex combination will provide

\setupformulas[split=yes,align=flushleft]     % already there
\setupmathematics[setups=math:spacing:split]  % needs new engine

so that you split differently (one can then prevent an unwanted split with a large penalty)


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