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Willi, Pablo, and list,


I understand that the overprint of the margin can be managed by changing the default layout. The left margin box displayed by \showframe using the default layout clearly shows the margin extending past the edge of the page.

I would think that the default layout should be usable as is, which for this purpose means that the defined text areas are contained within the page boundary. If the default layout is not intended to be usable, it should be so documented. I will gladly update the wiki if this is the case, but first I would like authoritative confirmation that this is the case.

it's all on purpose (and explained several times in mail irr)

Indeed, the extra line before the text occurs only when inter-paragraph whitespace is set and start/stop is used. This does indeed appear to be something that can be repaired.
to some extend ... i added some hack in the upcoming beta btu keep in mind that a section head carries some information so there's always something (invisible) there that can generate whitespace

(of course one can always jump back)


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