Dear list,

I’m writing an introduction to ConTeXt in Spanish.

Before any new user can start compiling ConTeXt sources, I realize that
I have to explain how to configure an editor for ConTeXt.

Since I plan to deal with the latest beta from the ConTeXt Suite, I need
to explain how to deploy it.

I use Geany in Linux and Notepad++ in Windows. But they are too complex
for newbies. TeXworks seems the best option to start with (and to
explain to newcomers).

I compile my documents with the following commands:

   source ~/context/tex/setuptex && contextjit document.tex

I had never problems with that. But as soon as I started to test Qt
applications, I cannot use this.

I mean, the commands above don’t work either with TeXworks or TexitEasy.

Does anyone know how to make the previous commands work with TeXworks?

Setting paths is something I want to avoid, since it is potentially
dangerous for newbies.

Many thanks for your help,

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