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The lack of either an author or an editor is currently flagged in
ConTeXt as an error for books and perhaps other bibtex entry types as
well. Or do you mean to apply this recommendation to only the
electronic type or some other limited subset of types?
This will be corrected for types other than electronic when I look into
a consistent set.

Perhaps it is better to use the association name as an author and
protect it with a layer of curlies or quotation marks, as {{Apple,
Inc.}}, "{Apple, Inc.}", or '{Apple, Inc.}', any one of which will do
the job and also serve to prevent what would surely be unwanted
abbreviation for styles that abbreviate what are parsed as given
This won't happen. We made a design choice not to follow such sloppy
bibtex/LaTeX use and to require clean datasets. Apple Inc. is NOT a
named author, it is an organization, and the APA specification is clear
about this (it even has screwy rules about the first citation and then
the following when one should abbreviate names [such as APA]). Of
course, the specifications have to be fixed to handle this correctly
and consistently, also trying to be consistent with the fields that are
defined by the original bibtex documentation and followed by many
bibtex manipulating tools (such as jabref). The problem is that the use
of bibtex in the real world is a big mess!


So organization will simply become a stand-in for author but with different parsing rules. A book will require an author or editor or organization. The first two will be parsed for surname, given name, and so on, while the last will not, and precedence rules will apply when more than one is present, as they do already.

But until that point, as Hans said, using the author field and protecting it with curlies will work.

How will other screwy rules be handled? Will there be an override mechanism, or is it your belief that a compliant subsystem can be developed? (Yes, I know that is a false dichotomy.)


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