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>> In any case, I would very much appreciate another “frozen” release like MK 
>> II that one can use for documents that need to be  retypeset over years
>> (like my lecture notes that need an update every few years).
> When we have luatex 1.10 that will be easier because older code can run on a 
> newer engine then.
> But even then, if we make snapshots that can be downloaded for a long time, 
> we need some way to recognize them (by year?).

LilyPond (as a somewhat similar program) requires a version statement in every 
source file; and then there’s a converter script that understands and updates 
all constructs that are part of the official syntax - of course, if you use 
custom scripting (Scheme in this case), you are on your own again.

Greetlings, Hraban

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