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Hi all,

After more than a decade of mkiv and luatex it's time to move on to a new stage. After all, nowadays a ten-year old program is considered to be really old, especially for those who consider a manual typeset three years ago as an indication of lack of progress. Therefore: welcome to lua(meta)tex 2.00 and context lmtx, the follow up on luatex and mkiv, if you dare. It has many deep-down changes but aims to be a simple evolution.

The average user will probably not notice many differences but nevertheless, when you are in for something new, you can give it a try:


Of course you should keep your current installation too. We're sure that there will be issues so when you run into unexpected surprises, you can blame us (and fall-back on the current Context beta and luatex). Of course with the proper mwe's (tex, metapost, lua, or a combination of these) we will try to solve them all, we have been testing. In due time more about this project will be revealed.

Hans Hagen & Alan Braslau

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the link to the code. A quick install suggests that a 'hello world' is working nicely from ConTeXt. However, if I try what you might expect from me

     luametatex --ini latex.ltx

things go a bit wrong:

     This is LuaMetaTeX, Version 2.00.0  (INITEX)
     ! error:  (system): missing find_write_file callback

(I also notice there is no plain-like format for testing, or at least that just "luametatex" yields an error.)

i might cook up something plain but it has a very low priority, after all, plain works with luatex

Clearly things work for ConTeXt, so there must be some early Lua magic or similar required. Any thoughts? (I don't get a .log or any other output.)
it's a stripped down "lean and mean" engine so it's very unlikely to work with plain and latex or other macro packages out of the box

a manual will come available around the context meeting, articles will be published the coming months and reveal a bit more

(all this involved over half a year of development and exploration, which itself is documented which will also surface around the ctx meeting or when i feel the need)


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