Thangalin <> writes:

> I'm thinking about writing a series of blog posts about how to typeset
> Markdown using ConTeXt. I've written the first part and am wondering
> if anyone would be interested in reading more:

I'm interested for the topic, but it would be nice, imho, if the Part-1
would contain some kind of Abstract along with the TOC for the whole
series according to your plan?

Otoh, I still wonder which method to use for typesetting Markdown with
ConTeXt, iow. whether to use Mardkown module and/or filter or to go with
pandoc-xhtml ( method...

However, one thing is certain: (Pandoc's) Markdown seems easy and
good-enough for most of documents I plan to write, while ConTeXt is
without comparison when it comes to the quality of final output.


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