On 5/24/19 5:37 AM, Thangalin wrote:
> Hi Gour,
> I added an abstract, an overview section with the plan, and an RSS feed:
> https://dave.autonoma.ca/blog/2019/05/22/typesetting-markdown-part-1/
> One of the reasons I chose Pandoc's Markdown is for its support of
> classes and annotations. I looked into the pandoc-xhtml link and it
> looked both incomplete and lacking support for typesetting mathematics.

Hi Dave,

pandoc-xhtml is only a poor example about handling XML as input source.
I only use Markdown and pandoc, because they provide a limited way of
XML code easily.

The real thing is that you can feed ConTeXt with XML sources to typeset
what you want.

My use of XML typesetting is basic when compared to that of Hans, Taco,
Thomas Schmitz and Hans van der Meer.

Of course, other approaches are perfectly fine. My comment was only
about not focusing on pandoc-xhtml (which I should rewrite from scratch
when I find time for that), but on what makes it thick.

Just in case it helps,

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