Thangalin <> writes:

> I added an abstract, an overview section with the plan, and an RSS
> feed:

Thanks a lot - now it's much better seeing what is ahead of us. ;)

> One of the reasons I chose Pandoc's Markdown is for its support of
> classes and annotations.

I was not using Pandoc's markdown, so will have to check the docs in

> I looked into the pandoc-xhtml link and it looked both incomplete and
> lacking support for typesetting mathematics.

For Markdown --> ConTeXt usage, math is not my primary concern, but
wonder what do you think about the Pandoc's "cons" as stated on
pandoc-xhtml site, iow:

* Main document language information.

* Markup for language in text portions.

*  Any <div> or <span> elements markup.

> Have a read and let me know what you think!

See above. ;)


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